Private beach

Owning a private beach from 300 to 400 m at An Bang beach with crystal-like water, smooth white sand is ranked in the top 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet.

World Coffee Factory

Hoi An's new iconic destination, which offers visitors unique delicious coffee from many countries, experiences the process of roasting coffee on-site and mingling in the fresh space close to nature.

Swimming pool system and multipurpose sports area

La Queenara develops Olympic-standard central swimming pools and nearly 20 subdivision pools that are likened to "green oases". Provence Castle has nearly 60 private swimming pools in villas overlooking the luxurious marina.

Four Season Avenue

The Four Seasons Avenue is the connecting route from the main gate to the central square. Each side of the road is 7m5 wide, the sidewalk is 3m wide, in the middle is a 4-season flower park, river miniatures, business shops and promenades like in Europe.

Central Square

Planned in a converging way, the Central Square is considered the heart of the project with the symbol of Hoi An confetti. Every week, cultural and artistic events, contemporary art performances, street art ... it takes place with many new and attractive activities serving residents and visitors.

International General Clinic

Take care of residents' health with modern equipment and a team of highly qualified and dedicated doctors.

Golf practice & golf course

Enhance your lifestyle with a green park giwuax golf course. Golf shots gradually become virtuosic promising to create professional golfers in the future at the golf course. Phase II of the project continues to be expanded with a golf course on the banks of the Co Co River.

La Queenara Hotel

The 5-star hotel offers sea views and a central square, which offers premium accommodation for holidays and business trips.

Queenie Restaurant

Enjoy the unique culinary flavors served by internationally renowned chefs, amid the luxurious interior space and the fresh sea atmosphere.

International inter-level education system

Incubation of future talent at skyline high-quality training system already exists. At the same time, international preschools in the project will perfect the inter-level education system for children to develop comprehensively physically and mentally.

The marina on Co Co river

Seeing the unspoiled, poetic beauty of the two sides of the river on a luxury yacht, La Queenara residents will enjoy river tours, wine parties or unique art events on board.

Wellness spa

Immersed in the wonderfully relaxing world of physical and soul, the mid-nature wellness spa brings La Queenara's owner to moments of absolute renewable energy.

Hoi An complex in the 70s - 80s

Recreating a miniature Hoi An in the 70s - 80s, visitors will be lost in the peaceful and nostalgic atmosphere of a peaceful ancient town by the Hoai River.

La Queenara Resort

The 5-star resort is located in the middle of La Queenara, surrounded by water and shaded green coconuts, offering unforgettable resorts for visitors.

LaQueen Mall

Hundreds of famous brands converge at LaQueen Mall to create the busiest cassava buying destination in Hoi An.

Club House

A place that provides classy and personal services to La Queenara owners

Art Exhibition Cultural Center

Event space and cultural and artistic activities make La Queenara a cultural center of Hoi An and Da Nang


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