The First Urban Resort Complex In Viet Nam

Located on the heritage land of the most special ancient city in Vietnam, La Queenara is considered the FIRST AND THE LARGEST URBAN RESORT COMPLEX in the Central region with an area of 200ha, possessing many unprecedented facilities with more than 200 5-star resort facilities including marina and private beach.
La Queenara was created to become a NEW legacy of planning, architecture, landscape, and lifestyle. It was meant to be the phenomenon in the change of the urban landscape as well as the tourism industry of Quang Nam and the central region, bringing real Vietnam resort real estate to the world.

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Quintessential Community – Wise Investment

  • Building

    Upper class community

    With world-class "neighbors" like Four Seasons, The Ascott, Accor,...

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Prosperous and vibrant urban area

    With more than 200 high-class resort facilities and a large-scale entertainment complex.

  • Money

    Lifetime investment property

    Long-term Ownership property, 100% Red Book 

Prime location on the "billion dollar" resort

La Queenara is located on the most expensive resort street in the Central region, it is the convergence of world-class 5-star resorts. Becoming the owner of La Queenara means you have a ticket to join the upper-class community of quintessential intellectuals and successful business people with a unique lifestyle.

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Landscape from Heritage

The story of Hoi An heritage and people is an endless source of inspiration throughout the designs at La Queenara. It is the low note in the heart of Hoi Street, the image of the city resting on the river, the iconic Cau Pagoda, the brilliance of the lanterns, or the delicate movement of the confetti... all are subtly conveyed in architectural and landscape details. But La Queenara is not an old-fashioned nostalgia, but a blend of the beauty of French architecture, Hoi An features with modern trends to create a unique and trendy urban area.

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Unique open design "Static inside - Dynamic outside"

  • 100% houses with 2 sides of the road
  • 100% of houses with swimming pools
  • 100% of houses with private gardens

With a philosophy of balance, 100% of the houses at La Queenara are with 2 sides of the road, have swimming pools and private gardens. The front is adjacent to the hectic avenues, the rear is hidden in European-style gardens with a trendy swimming pool.

"Static" enough for relaxation, "dynamic" enough for a bustling business. This unique design allows the owner to use the façade for shops and offices, while the back can still be used as a hotel or a private resort space for the whole family.

Endorsed by prestigious awards

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AP 2021 Awardwinnerribbongeneric

Discover La Queenara complex resort urban area today

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