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A Multifunctional House

For the first time in Vietnam, shoptel houses are designed according to the trend of "open" architecture - Open building to diversify the use. At the core of this design is the staircase is surrounded by a bearing concrete shell, creating open space in the middle. Thanks to the unique design, the owner can both use the façade for the business of shops and offices, and can use the back as a hotel or private resort space for the whole family.

SHOPTEL 5mx20m

- Height: 4 floors
- Land area: 100 m2
- Construction area: 80 m2
- Area of use: 319.9 m2
- Maximum bedroom plan: 8 rooms

SHOPTEL 5mx22m

- Height: 4 floors
- Land area: 110 m2
- Construction area: 88 m2
- Area of use: 354.4 m2
- Maximum bedroom plan: 8 rooms

SHOPTEL 7mx20m

- Height: 5 floors
- Land area: 140 m2
- Construction area: 112 m2
- Area of use: 561.5 m2
- Maximum bedroom plan: 15 rooms


Provide facilities for green vacations
Located in the heart of La Queenara, the duplex villa is designed with an elegant and charming style with 3 floors high and surrounded by green space. From here, villa owners have easy access to the main facilities of the whole area such as: 5-star hotel, culinary restaurant, cultural and art center, Hoi An complex in the 70s - 80s,...


Palace in the middle of the flower field
Inspired by the magnificent castles among the romantic lavender fields of Provence (France), the single villa in the Provence Castle subdivision is the most luxurious product in La Queenara. Villa owners can enjoy absolute privacy, beautiful internal scenery between flower fields and dreamy streams, and a luxurious marina on Co Co River just a few steps away.

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