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Long-term red book beach resort real estate

The project is part of the urban planning of Quang Nam People's Committee, which is one of the few beach resort projects with a long-term red book.


Outstanding price growth potential in the future

La Queenara has benefited from the promotion of infrastructure in the area such as Nguyen Duy Hieu Bridge, Co Co River opening project,...


Variety of investment types

Investors can easily use the property for different purposes to optimize profits: settlement, resort, store rental, hotel, restaurant,...

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Professional operations management

Investors can be assured of remote management with overall management packages or each service such as housekeeping, protection, check-in, ornamental tree care, equipment repair, cuisine...

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High liquidity

Not limited by the time of ownership, the product at La Queenara is easily sought after in the market.


The largest project in Hoi An - Da Nang

The planning of up to 200 hectares includes the largest utility ecosystem in the region, creating a large-scale and urban resort.


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The most expensive location on the billion-dollar sea route

Become a "neighbor" of international 5-star resorts, joining the upper class community.

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Best Landscape Design

La Queenara won the International Real Estate Award for Landscape Design with the goal of creating a unique resort space.

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Impressive architecture

Owning architectural and planning works with 100% of the house has 2 roads, swimming pool and private garden.


Hoi An's new destination

With the goal of making La Queenara a new destination with highlights, the project will attract millions of visitors each year.

Investment information

Registration for receipt of Hoi An real estate investment analysis documents

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